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So, your a newbie, so what do you do?? You read this!!
First you want to create your pet.  Do this by clicking on My Pets, which is on the left hand side by the links, or up on top, like where my navigation bar is. It says "create a pet" or "edit description," you want to create a pet, I think you can get through the rest of that.
Now your pets are going to be hungry, what you need to do is go to the mall and bye some food. The Mall is also on the left or on the top by my navigation bar. Under the tabs on the top there is a tab that says "Food." Click on that and bye any food listed there, your pets eat a lot.  Now go to your Inventory, on the left, and on the navigation bar. Click on the food item and under the menu bar, feed it to your pet.
Click Here for money.
Incomplete, going to finish by end of December.